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Gretta, an older lady living in Hampshire, contacted us two months after she fell down in her driveway. Although the injury wasn't severe, the accident shook Gretta.

Here's her experience with living alone and how it has changed after we paired her up with Rick.

You can watch Gretta and Rick sharing their experience on BBC South HERE.

Gretta shares her experience with homesharing:

[I was considering] selling my house to go and live in a block of apartments. But [what I really wanted] was to stay in my own home. A friend suggested homesharing. My daughter googled and found Two Generations. So after chatting with Two Generations, we met Rick. My daughter met Rick in person and my son had a Zoom call with him from the United States. We signed contracts and Rick moved in to share my home. I know there is a God. Rick has been generous with his time cooking, gardening and helping with my computer.

You can also read Gretta and RIck sharing their experience with the local paper HERE.

Holly is our youngest householder. She is 27 years old and lives in Dorchester. She was suffering from severe anxiety due to a long term injury, and needed some help around the house and someone to go out with.

We paired her up with a 34-year-old lady called Bonnie.

Here's what Holly thinks about having Bonnie in her home:

Since having a new homesharer from Two Generations, It has definitely made me feel very happy.

I have now made a new friend and we have a lot in common. I feel comfortable and relaxed. We plan a lot together, such as day trips and going out for meals. We also go shopping together.

It has been such a fantastic match, and I am so glad I found someone to share my home with and be happy.

Here's what Bonnie thinks about moving into Holly's home:

Two Generations has enabled me to have more financial freedom to enjoy my life, whilst introducing me to a new friend who shares my way of living and interests. I've embarked on a great new adventure that provides more assurance than a regular living arrangement.

Feedback from Social Prescribers

We work closely with social prescribers, befriending charities, bereavement support groups and other organisations to meet householders who are in need of help.

Social Prescribing and Loneliness Charity Together Co, has referred a number of householders to us. The CEO, Jo Crease, said:

"I'm really excited that we are working with Two Generations to bring homeshares to Brighton & Hove. The marrying of the technology behind Two Generations' approach, our shared commitment to creating person-centred solutions to loneliness, and our long experience of supporting friendships on the ground, offers us a unique chance to make a huge difference together. The highly effective technology that Two Generations have developed will be the key in taking Homeshares from a great idea in theory to something that many, many more people can take up."


Hannah, a social prescriber from Brighton, introduced us to an older person that needed support:

"Communication with Two Generations was great, all of my questions were answered well and I felt confident relaying the information to the family I was supporting. I did have a brief conversation with the son of the potential householder at the initial stages of the process and they said they were very happy with the service that you offer; they found it professional but approachable. I would be more than happy to refer individuals to your service."

Have you worked with someone who can benefit from our services? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Homeshare in Brighton: The family of an older lady in Brighton contacted Two Generations as she needed an overnight presence and companionship so she could stay in her own home independently.

Here’s what the family and the householder feel about Two Generations’ service and the homesharing arrangement:

"Two Generations have been nothing short of brilliant in terms of providing us with a wonderful homesharer.

The whole process felt very safe with all the checks that were done and our main contact point at Two Generations has been fantastic all around, from careful research to answering all of our questions and making sure we had the best possible fit.

We have found it to be a great experience and having got to know the homesharer during the process, she already feels like a new member of the family!"

A few weeks after the homesharing started, we checked in with the 99-year-old householder on her experience, this is what she told us:

"This has been such a success, far more than I ever expected. I felt incredibly supported by Two Generations throughout the whole process, they were incredibly careful to make sure the right match was found and people fitted together. The process was very organised and checks were happening all the time, I felt very safe the entire time.

My homesharer is wonderful and she is like another member of the family. Having her has been amazing, this has allowed me to sleep so much better because someone is here tonight, it’s a great sense of security.

This has also allowed me to stay in my home which has made me so incredibly happy.

I would absolutely recommend Two Generations and have already been telling my friends all about it so they can benefit too."

Hanife & Hibo:

Hanife from London was living alone, with an ongoing condition heightened by the stress and loneliness of the pandemic. We matched her with Hibo, who is a trained nurse and is familiar with Hanife's condition.

Here’s what Hanife thinks about the homesharing experience:

"Two Generations listened and took all my concerns and wishes into consideration and found me a perfect match.

I am very lucky to have found somebody within the lockdown period. Hibo, my homesharer, is very supportive and has become a good companion for me. I feel more secure knowing that someone else is in the house. She’s not a homesharer anymore but part of my family. We go shopping, cook and go for walks. Thanks to everyone."

The homesharer, Hibo, has also provided touching words to Hanife:

"Homeshare has allowed Hanife and I to work together to thrive individually and to succeed at individual objectives.

We have become a family, my family included who have been welcomed in the same beautiful manner that I was.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Two Generations for facilitating a brilliant and equal partnership between Hanife and me. Two Generations demonstrate high professionalism, not only for making an equilibrial match but also for managing expectations/concerns beforehand and in real-time. Your genuine care has made a huge difference."

Maurice and Christy:

94-year-old Maurice lived alone in London. His family lives outside of London and during the pandemic, it became difficult for him to meet and talk to people. He also had to stop playing golf at his local golf club.

Maurice contacted Two Generations for more companionship, especially during the day. We successfully matched him with Christy, who works from home and is able to give Maurice a little more support.

Here’s what Maurice thinks about Two Generations:

"I have found Two Generations to be very good and they match people very well. They are very efficient, they keep in touch with me and I'm very happy with their service."

Here’s what Christy thinks about homesharing so far:

"The process was easy regarding the paperwork and settling in.

For other people considering this programme, it is a great opportunity to enjoy a lower cost of accommodation in London (or other areas) and support an older person in their daily lives with simple routine activities."


See our testimonials from our homesharers, householders and their families!

Family of a householder living in Bagshot, Surrey

"Mum really enjoys having her sharer in the house and has said to me what a charming and considerate person she is. I am delighted my mother and her sharer are getting along so well and wanted to thank you for introducing us to such a wonderful homesharer!"

Family of a householder who used to live alone in Edinburgh, Scotland during the pandemic

"We are delighted with the levels of care, mediation and support that Two Generations offered us and our mum, particularly given that this happened over a time that was very difficult and challenging. Our home share coordinator was wonderful, always remained positive and thought very carefully about what our mum might need and what might suit us all.

We live a long way away and have been so glad to have the sharer’s presence overnight and her tender thoughtful care. There was a real advantage to using Two Generations rather than trying to find someone ourselves because we felt there was always someone who could mediate and to whom we could turn. There was no ‘boiler plate’ in the arrangement, everything was carefully thought about and tailored to our specific situation. Two Generations more than earned their commission (which, incidentally, was less than other organisations we investigated).

We recommend them most highly."

How the family of a householder finds the process of matching through Two Generations

"The whole process felt very safe with all the checks that were done and also Two Generations’ coordinator has been fantastic all around from careful research to answering all of our questions and making sure we had the best possible fit.

We have found it to be a great experience and having got to know her during the process, the new homesharer already feels like a member of the family!"

From the family of a householder who live abroad and are concerned about their mother’s wellbeing

"I would like to thank Lisa from Two Generations for helping us so quickly and professionally. Having become less independent during the pandemic, I needed to find a good solution very fast to ensure her life could continue in her home in the UK without me.

Two Generations’ team found the perfect companion for Mum within a week and she moved in 14 days later! I now have peace of mind and mum has a new friend along with great support to help her remain as independent as possible in her own home."

From a homesharer who moved into a home in Bournemouth

"We are enjoying spending time with each other. We have similar tastes in eating and television viewing. I feel that I have been welcomed into Sheila’s family without reservation and it has been a comfort to me. I feel at home and at ease.

Two Generations keep in touch regularly and Lisa Goldsobel has gone out of her way to ensure we are comfortable together."

From a homesharer who just moved to the UK and joined a homeshare

"I came to Two Generations looking forward to Homeshare in order to find a family in the UK. Being a homesharer has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had the privilege to have. Not only has it allowed me to study freely, taking away worries of rent and living costs, but it has provided me with a dear friend that I enjoy spending time with. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who is looking for a beautiful life experience."

Check out our homesharers being interviewed on national and regional television and in the press here!

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