It’s simple really. The Householder is the person who is offering the spare room. The Homesharer is the person who takes up the offer and gives a little bit of help around the house in return.

They are completely different. Professional carers help with things like dressing, bathing and medication. Homesharers are not qualified to do these tasks and will not be able to provide this form of support. Their contribution is purely about companionship and support with a few household chores.

No. The householder doesn’t make a charge for the room, the Homesharer gives their support in return. The Homesharer makes a contribution to the bills, like gas, electric and water.

They each pay a monthly fee to Two Generations scheme for facilitating the match and providing ongoing support.

The monthly fee covers the costs of vetting prospective Householders and Homesharers, setting up agreements, monitoring the arrangement and helping to deal with any issues or disputes that may arise. It’s a full support service to make sure that the Homeshare arrangement works, is safe and successful.

It varies. Matching the right people together is our priority rather than just rushing into a match that might not work. So the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can start the process of finding out more about you and who would make a good match for you.

Forever is a long time. A Homeshare can last for as long as both parties want it to. We ideally ask for the Homesharer to commit to a minimum period of 6 months and ideally a one year period.

By the time the Homeshare arrangement starts you won’t be strangers and we will know a lot about both of you. There will be checks too, like references, DBS checks and we will meet with both parties.

Next, when we feel that we have found a suitable match, we will introduce you and let you get to know each other. You will know at each stage whether you feel comfortable and safe progressing to the next step; if at any point you don’t feel comfortable, you can always let us know.

Aside from the cost savings, the amazing thing about a Homeshare is that people often become friends and they find that they have things in common or things that they can teach each other. It can be so much better than living alone or having a paid person who just works for you.

There is no rent changing hands and no tenancy agreement with a Homeshare so that makes things a lot simpler. Where possible we will help you to do your research around any benefits or allowances before you make a decision to join the scheme.

We make every effort to ensure that things will work out – finding a suitable match; making introductions; and keeping in contact with you during the Homeshare. Usually, when all of these things are done, people live together very happily.

It’s possible (but very rare) that a Homeshare arrangement may break down. If it does, you are free to end it without any financial penalties, and for the Householder we will look to identify a new match for you if you would like to continue in a Homeshare arrangement.

Great. If you're a Householder, fill in our simple application form. This can be found by going to:

Once we receive your application form there’s a simple and easy process that we will help you to go through which will lead to your first Homeshare. We follow these steps: -

  1. We meet for a chat and to find out more about you.
  2. We find you a match.
  3. We introduce you to your potential match.
  4. We perform checks such as taking out references; once these are done you sign the agreement.
  5. You start your Homeshare!

Householder Fees

  • Our standard fees are listed below
  • £99 per month for the duration of the homeshare, with a 1 month trial period followed by minimum 6 month total duration.
  • Our fees may vary if you need significantly more or less support

Homesharer Fees

  • Our standard fees are between £249 and £299 per month for ongoing support of the Homeshare arrangement.

Complaints process

We pride ourselves on our level of customer service. In the first instance, please email and we will endeavour to resolve your complaint. Should you feel this has been resolved unsatisfactorily, you can contact Homeshare UK, or the Property Redress Scheme (Membership Number PRS014486).


If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us


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